Avoid ABAP dumps after VOFM routine transport movement.

Facing ABAP dumps after moving a new VOFM routine transport to next system? If yes, this post will help you to resolve the issue


You created a new routine ( requirement, pricing, copy control etc..). After successful testing in development system, move your changes to next system. Now if you open any transaction which could use VOFM routine, will go for a dump. Below is a sample screenshot:

VOFM routine dump

Why VOFM routine transports creates ABAP dumps?

Any routine will create a new include with your custom code in it

VOFM routine

SAP will add this include to standard SAP program of respective functionality . When you move changes to next systems, include entry is missing in SAP’s program as a result you will get ABAP dump.

VOFM main program

Let’s solve the problem:

To resolve this, you must ensure entry of new include in main program of all systems. You can achieve this using one of the following ways:

  • Execute program RV80HGEN immediately after transport movement.
RV80HGEN program
  • Include executable program entry to your transport ( R3TR  XPRA  RV80HGEN ) . This will ensure that program will run after transport movement. You may notice some delay in transport import which you can ignore.
Auto run program after transport movement

Note: You can also use this method in scenarios where you want to run a program after transport movement. In that case, replace RV80HHGEN with your program name.

  • Add main program ( e.g. RV61ANNN ) of your include to transport to make sure this entry is available in next systems. This is not advisable but we have observed that this is being followed by some clients.

I hope you are able to resolve VOFM ABAP dumps issue. For more details, you can refer OSS note 0385067.

Have a nice day!

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